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All Items : Popular Collectibles : Memorabilia : Black Americana : Pre 1910 item #430515 (stock #BA536)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring 14 inches high x 8 inches wide, this early and VERY, VERY RARE, Circa 1890-1900, exotic Female Blackamoor, metal frame mirror is complete with all original parts including its original 8" x 10" beveled mirror which is in amazing condition!. An extraordinarily difficult to find, highly captivating piece! Unmarked.

This stunning, 125 year old+ example of statuesque Black Americana is in wonderful condition absent two very tiny areas of loss, not unexpected given the age and use of the piece. One area is at the extreme edge of the right tip of the base, and the other, very minor loss to the tips of the right thumb and index finger. Neither of these areas of loss are easily noticed, nor do they distract from the truly incredible rarity of this early piece.

Very well made, the frame easily comes apart into 3 pieces for safe shipping and/or storage.

An extraordinary opportunity to acquire an extremely RARE and highly coveted piece of turn-of-the-19th-into-20th-century Black Americana! One will be very hard-pressed to find another example!

All Items : Antiques : Instruments and Implements : Sports : Pre 1930 item #1489663 (stock #G749)
Stonegate Antiques
Offered are two, circa 1920 - 1930 era, hickory shaft golf clubs.

The first club, dating to 1925, has "TED RAY SEVENTY-TWO" "LADIES - SPECIAL - HAND FORGED and PUTTER" stamped on the back of the face. This WILSON-made club measures 33" from the heel to the top of the shaft and appears minimally used. The sturdy hickory shaft has a mild bend from front to back on the lower shaft. The leather grip is in good condition.

The second club, a mid iron, circa 1920-1930, is stamped on the on the back of club "KRO-FORGED PROFESSIONAL" and measures 37.5 inches from the top of the shaft to the heel. This KROYDON made club sports a sturdy straight shaft and a good original grip. There is faint superficial pitting to the club head.

Both clubs enjoy original patina and have mild wear commensurate with the clubs' use and their nearly 100 years of age. A delightful duo, ready for play or display!


It is worth a visit to this SPORTS ILLUSTRATED link for some great info on this delightful man, MAJOR winner and unheralded pro golfer TED RAY who deserves to be in the GOLF HALL OF FAME!

All Items : Popular Collectibles : Memorabilia : Black Americana : Pre 1940 item #1482502 (stock #BA994)
Stonegate Antiques
Offered is the extremely rare, circa 1930s, children's toy sand pail, marked "HappyNak Seaside Pail No4, Made in England" along the folded tin seam of the pail. This darling toy pail clearly had very limited production as it rarely appears on the antiques market for sale, nor can it be readily found in the many existing Black Americana or Black Memorabilia reference books or online sites.

Measuring a diminutive 3 1/2" high excluding the bale handle and 5.75" high including it, this adorable tin pail features colorful graphics of five little golliwoggs playing kickball! The interior and base are painted a bright sky blue while the interior base features a copper color finish over the tin.

The pail has with very minimal wear, with tiny bits of paint loss noted at each entry point of the bale handle into the pail. Some bits of paint loss are also noted on the rim, and there is crackle to the finish, rating it an 8 out of 10.

A very rarely found and quite visually appealing piece of Black Memorabilia!

To see other Golliwogg items currently being offered, enter "golliwogg" into the SEARCH box on our home page.

All Items : Popular Collectibles : Memorabilia : Black Americana : Pre 1900 item #1150358 (stock #BA818B)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring a diminutive 1.5 inches wide x 2.5 inches tall x .5 inches deep, this darling, French, paper packet or package features African, Zoulou-tribe natives as advertising symbols on the packaging, making for a very picturesque graphic!

The paper package contains nearly all of its original powder, having never been opened; however, as noted in the second photo, the corner edge wear has resulted in some minor leakage of the powder. Because of this, the package has been shrink-wrapped to preserve the remainder of the product.

The shrink wrapping makes the package very difficult to photograph; additionally, some minor leakage of the powder under the shrink wrap also obscures viewing. The first two photos are of the actual package currently offered for sale--with shrink wrap on and minor leakage of powder under the shrink-wrap. The remaining photos clearly show the details of the Zoulou packaging using an undamaged, unshrink-wrapped package that has already been sold, no longer available for purchase. These photos are offered purely for the convenience of the viewer so that the details of the Zoulou package can be readily seen without the encumbrance of the shrink wrap blocking package details; these photos do not represent the condition of the package currently being offered for sale. The first two photos represent the condition of the actual Zoulou package currently offered for sale, with the pricing reflecting condition.

The manufacturers of the Zoulou powder claimed that healing properties were associated with the powder.

A well-detailed, rarely-found example of turn-of-the-century use of graphics in advertising!

All Items : Popular Collectibles : Memorabilia : Black Americana : Pre 1930 item #1266316 (stock #BA913)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring 1 3/4 inches in diameter x 5/16 of an inch high, this rarely-found, circa 1920’s, dexterity game depicts a small black boy with Fez blowing bubbles out of a pipe! The puzzle is quite colorful and is very visually appealing! The puzzle contains 4 tiny white balls of unknown material, that, with the proper manual dexterity, are to be placed in the four bubbles the boy is blowing!

Constructed of tin with a cardboard lithographed image and a glass cover, this game has a mirrored back. The puzzle is in all-original condition with the graphic remaining free of scratches and abrasions. The mirrored back shows evidence of subtle, minor scratching. (Please disregard any light or shiny spots in photos which are due to flash reflection off of the glass.)

A delightful piece of early Black Memorabilia!

All Items : Popular Collectibles : Memorabilia : Black Americana : Pre 1900 item #1485317 (stock #BA1003)
Stonegate Antiques
Offered is a beautiful variety grouping of VERY RARELY FOUND, 1880's, Black Americana die cuts printed in Germany and sold by the Bim Brothers, London.

This offering features two lovely die cuts- one, a well-to-do Victorian era husband and wife sitting down to dinner, and the second, a colorfully dressed bride and groom at the altar about to take their wedding vows. The third offering is a glossy finish mini-size litho featuring three siblings arriving at school with book bags on their backs, and one sporting an umbrella in case it later rains. Three children peer out the school window awaiting their arrival.

The products for which these die cuts and litho were meant to endorse is unknown. The litho features a very glossy finish, and the die cuts feature an embossed, glossy finish which compliments the beautiful detailing and intense coloring of each piece. All would look fabulous either framed individually or as a grouping! Think gift!

Approximate measurements are as follows:
The dining couple & the Wedding: 4" tall x 5.75" wide
School children: 6" tall x 4.50" wide

Priced each at $45.

Please note that any white specks that seem prominent in the closeup photos are the result of light bouncing off the surfaces of the aged die cuts. These pieces are approximately 140 years old, and while in very good condition given their age, tiny surface imperfections may be evident here and there.

The photo of the verso of all three pieces reveal that only the wedding die cut has a small restoration made to one of the altar candlesticks using archival quality tape. There have been no repairs or restorations made to either the school litho or the Dinner die cut.

All Items : Popular Collectibles : Memorabilia : Black Americana : Pre 1930 item #1450996 (stock #B304)
Stonegate Antiques
Published in 1926 by the Whitman Publishing Company of Racine, Wisconsin, this very seldom-found, miniature-size, softcover book measuring just 4x5 inches, offers a very unique continuation of the original Little Black Sambo story! It is thought that this mini size Sambo book was manufactured as a salesman's sample edition, meant to be strictly used as a marketing prop to sell orders for the full-size edition of the same book.

Entitled A New Story of Little Black Sambo, this tale picks up the story with Little Sambo's mother, Black Mumbo, exclaiming that Sambo, after almost losing his best Sunday clothes to the tigers, would- from now on- only be allowed to wear his every day clothes. Now very unhappily dressed in only a grass skirt, a pouting and naughty Sambo decides to run off into the jungle once again without permission, and climbs a tree to gather coconuts. A tiger soon arrives threatening to eat Little Black Sambo, trapping him up in the tree for the entire day! Eventually, Tusker the Elephant arrives, successfully chasing off the tiger and saving Sambo. Sambo then returns home, where an angry Black Mumbo spanks him with a hairbrush for running off, despite the gift of coconuts Sambo hoped would appease his mother. The conclusion of the tale then moves forward one month later when the family goes to visit Little Black Sambo’s cousins, the Bimboes, who admire his fine Sunday best clothing that he was finally allowed to wear again!

Although no author is attributed, it is thought by some that the tale was co-authored by the book's two illustrators, Clara Bell Thurston, who rendered all of the lovely colored drawings and Earnest Vetsch, who rendered the "black and white" illustrations (which, actually, are done in navy blue ink) as well as the fancy hand-lettering of the text which further embellishes the book.

With 36 unnumbered pages which alternate between the superbly rendered color and navy blue line illustrations, this unique little book is in quite good condition. No fading of color, no rips, creases or missing pages. Binding is tight with all three original staples present. Cover edges are subtly worn, and age-related, light soiling is present. Tusker the elephant has been lightly colored with colored pencil in some places as is Sambo's grass hut, and evidence of penciled-in page numbers, long since erased, is noted. (Any blurring in photos is due to camera technique and does not reflect book condition.)

This rarely-found, miniature-size (possibly a rare salesman's sample) edition of the continuation of the original Little Black Sambo story is a must have for the collector of Little Black Sambo books!

To see all of the Little Black Sambo items currently available for sale, simply type “Sambo” into the search box on our website homepage.

All Items : Popular Collectibles : Memorabilia : Black Americana : Pre 1940 item #1216519 (stock #BA871)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring a diminutive 2.5 inches tall, this darling pair of Black Memorabilia, ceramic, boy and girl dolls remain in perfect, all-original condition. They remain housed in their original box complete with cardboard divider, and still retain the tiny ribbon bows tied on each of their six pigtails. Both the dolls and their box appear to have been safely tucked away unused and untouched in a drawer all of these years, the condition is that wonderful! The boy is incised "JAPAN" on the back of his white shirt while the girl's "JAPAN" marking appears on the back of her neck. The bottom of the box is stamped in ink, "237 2 PCS JAPAN". Not to be missed---- fabulous new-old stock!
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Memorabilia : Black Americana : Pre 1930 item #611220 (stock #BA642)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring 5 inches wide x 4.5 inches long, this 1920's, brass ashtray represents a very seldom-found offering of vintage Black Americana!

This piece was actually created to serve as an ashtray! It depicts a delightful image of a young black boy in a wide-brimmed straw hat!

In wonderful condition, this piece is stamped "LL" on back.

An uncommon piece of Black Americana that should not be overlooked!

All Items : Antiques : Instruments and Implements : Medical : Apothecary : Pre 1920 item #1243364 (stock #J1219)
Stonegate Antiques

Offered is an interesting heart specific medicine dating to 1990.

The cute Parke Davis Nitrostat bottle measures 1.25 inches and is priced at $8.00.

All Items : Antiques : Instruments and Implements : Sports : Pre 1910 item #1485166 (stock #G723)
Stonegate Antiques
Offered is this circa 1910s, very scarce, Macgregor DEEP GROOVE Golf Club that was designed to significantly enhance the backspin of a golf ball. As history would have it, the clubs actually worked and gave an unfair advantage to those professionals who were adept at using them.

The back of the club is stamped as follows: "PREMIER", "HA", "J.JOLLY" (probably owner) - BAKSPIN (with arrow - a Macgregor identifier) and MASHIE.

In 1921, RIBBED GOLF CLUBS also known as Deadstop Irons were banned by the R&A and USGA just after the OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP won by Jock Hutchison who had used these clubs.

Measures 36 inches from heel to top of shaft. The leather grip appears to be original and is in good condition. The hickory shaft is straight and is sturdy. The head shows minimal wear, and is my best example being offered. A showcase collectible!


All Items : Popular Collectibles : Nostalgia : School : Pre 1930 item #1366233 (stock #022G)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring 11 inches wide x 6.25 high x 1.25 deep, this circa 1920's, architectural, children's, wooden block set made by the W. C. Hoag Company of Burlington, Vermont, is in near perfect condition!

The set appears to have never been used! All blocks are present and are in wonderful condition! The paper label attached to the sliding, wood cover is intact with very minor, age-appropriate edge wear and scuffing. What a fabulous, graphic image that would certainly command presence when displayed on a shelf! The integrity of the all-wooden box remains strong and sturdy.

Sets such as these could be found in the more affluent home as well as in early elementary level classrooms, as such toys or learning manipulatives, promoted the development of eye-hand coordination and visual-spatial reasoning skills.

All Items : Popular Collectibles : Memorabilia : Black Americana : Pre 1920 item #1482446 (stock #B315)
Stonegate Antiques
Offered is this exceedingly rare and unusual, circa 1910, Dallas, Texas, 10 page, all-paper (including front and back covers), advertising "Give-Away" pamphlet which tells the complete story of LITTLE BLACK SAMBO, featuring both black line and color illustrations. I have not seen anything quite like this before!

On the back cover are the advertisements of six local, Dallas, Texas, merchants who joined together to produce this little pamphlet for children as an advertising promotion for each of their respective businesses. Named are the Stacey Baking Company, T.P. Hudson Kodak Picture Developer and Sundry Shop, Moore Brothers Laundry and Dye Works, Star Messenger Service, McKinney Furniture Company, and Thornton and Bracey Fine Stationery and School Supplies.

Such an unique and very exceptional piece of turn-of-the-20th-century, Dallas, Texas, historical ephemera!

The story of Little Black Sambo, of course, was to become a much-beloved children's classic written in the early 1900's by Englishwoman, Helen Bannerman, for her two daughters while they lived in India. Sambo, in the original Bannerman tale, was an Indian boy and not an African-American child. He was converted to this race overtime, however, by subsequent story tellers and illustrators. This age-old tale tells of Little Black Sambo and his frightening tiger encounter, which fortunately, has a happy ending! Condition is an amazing 7.5 out of 10, remembering, of course, that this is an ALL PAPER PAMPHLET that is now approximately 110+ years of age! All pages have been photographed which clearly show condition throughout.

The pamphlet is bound together via two staples which remain intact and are firmly holding all pages and the covers together. The front and back covers have separated from one another at the top and bottom of the pamphlet up to each respective staple; however, the area between the two staples remains intact. A few tiny edge rips are present as noted in photos. The black line drawings have been "expertly" colored-in with crayon by a budding artist of long ago who carefully and very diligently stayed within the lines. As such, one tends not to even notice that this "artwork" was not original to the publication. Original in-color illustrations remain very bright and vibrant. Pages have darkened with age. Measures approximately 6.75 inches x 9.5 inches.

Interestingly, in addition to relating the complete tale of Little Black Sambo, four pages are devoted to illustrations that identify specific characters and situations within the story, all individually entitled such as "First Tiger", "Tigers Fighting", "Purple Shoes Gone", "Lucky Sambo", "Pancake Supper", etc.

Amazing condition for a 110+ year old advertising story pamphlet that was clearly enjoyed by at least one youngster long ago - and one that may very well be the only copy remaining in existence! For the collector and lover of the tale of Little Black Sambo, this is a must-have!

To see the Little Black Sambo items currently available for sale, simply type “Sambo” into the search box on our website homepage.

All Items : Vintage Arts : Instruments and Implements : Medical : Apothecary : Pre 1950 item #331659 (stock #M790)
Stonegate Antiques
Please note that the mortar and pestle pictured on the right side--as seen in the first photo--has been sold.

This wonderful, 1940-1950s vintage hand made and painted mortar and pestle display once adorned the interior of a Connecticut pharmacy. The display is decorated in red with painted bronze details for added flair.

Measures about 7 high” x 4.5” wide and is in very nice condition! Some unobtrusive surface paint loss and scuffing including a few tiny nail holes are apparent but do not distract from their visual appeal!

All Items : Vintage Arts : Instruments and Implements : Medical : Apothecary : Pre 1900 item #1370869 (stock #J1253)
Stonegate Antiques
This is a scarce collection of 22 Homeopathic Medicine bottles complete with contents, corks and labels dating to the turn of the 19th century. Each vial sports an applied label that indicates the contents plus a cork with hand-written ingredients noted. The vials measure between 2 - 2.5 inches high x 1/2" including the cork. Hard to find in any condition.

*****Group #1*****

Some History:
Although homeopathy has its roots in ancient Greek medicine and in the work of the 16th-century physician Paracelsus, modern homeopathy dates back 200 years to the work of the German doctor and chemist, Samuel Hahnemann. Hahnemann qualified as a physician but ceased to practice as a doctor because of what he saw as the barbaric medical practices of his day - which included bloodletting and the overuse of toxic medicines, leading to horrific side effects.

A brilliant linguist, he earned a living from translating books and was interested by a reference in a medical textbook of the use of China (Peruvian bark) as a cure for malaria. Intrigued to know why China worked, he took doses of the remedy until he himself began to exhibit malarial symptoms. He stopped taking the China and the symptoms went away. From this he deduced that the ancient principle of 'like cures like' actually worked.

His next step was to determine if there were safe levels at which toxic substances could be given - and still cure the type of symptoms that they might otherwise cause. His experiments with dilution led him to discover that the more a substance was diluted, the more potent it appeared to become.

Homeopathic medicine was born, but in practicing it, Hahnemann and his followers were subjected to ridicule and persecution by the medical establishment, despite the fact that they were seeing patients getting better on tiny doses of medicines, prescribed on the basis of 'like cures like'. Many European practitioners immigrated to the United States, where homeopathy flourished in the 19th century – until the medical establishment there systematically acted to remove its influence.

Hahnemann ended his days as a renowned and very busy practitioner in Paris, working into his 80's. He is interred at the Cimetière du Père Lachaise, where a large monument honors him and his discovery of Homeopathy.

All Items : Popular Collectibles : Memorabilia : Black Americana : Pre 1940 item #113646 (stock #BA279)
Stonegate Antiques
Offered is an absolutely wonderful, original, 1930s watercolor portrait of a young "Black Shoe Shine Boy", a figure quite reflective of one aspect of African-American cultural history, as the iconic "shoe-shine boy (or man)" was so very frequently seen on city street corners plying a meager living during the first half of the 20th century.

The piece is signed in the lower right hand corner by LISTED American artist, Olga Lea Rosenson, who was born September 10, 1892, in Brooklyn, New York (died 1959). She was best known for her work capturing town and city landscapes as well as portraiture. This portrait intimately captures the soul of its subject as he pensively awaits his next customer, and it is supposed to have been inspired by a young man whom Ms. Rosenson frequently observed on the streets of Brooklyn.

Painted in 1934, the framed piece measures 20" x 26.5"; the watercolor, 13” x 19.5 “. It is completed in various subtle tones of blue, gray, green, and brown, and it is double-matted in cream with a subtle gray under-mat.

This watercolor remained in the same collection for over 60 years and was professionally re-framed by the original owner in 1987, with information on this re-framing taped to the back side of this piece. The wood frame is in very good condition with a couple of small, age-related areas of wear that are minimally noticeable. There is a 5 inch vertical tear to the paper backing as seen in a photo that was taped closed by the earlier owner; there is no damage to the foam-core backing underneath. To the left of this tear, is cut-out information on the artist that was also taped on back by the earlier owner.

Ms Rosenson's works are owned both privately and by museums around the world, including Washington D.C.'s National Gallery of Art.

All Items : Popular Collectibles : Nostalgia : School : Pre 1960 item #797966 (stock #G584)
Stonegate Antiques
These wonderful circa 1940-50's BRI-TONE Number 8, school or art crayons manufactured by the Imperial Crayon Company of Brooklyn, New York, are in near mint condition! The crayons are unused and are all original! The box features a fabulous graphic of a young boy and girl busily coloring using their Bri-Tone crayons! The box measures 4 inches tall x 2.75 inches wide x 1/4 inch deep.

An absolutely wonderful addition to one's School or Artist Memorabilia collection!

All Items : Antiques : Instruments and Implements : Sports : Pre 1900 item #1485091 (stock #G724)
Stonegate Antiques
Offered is this very scarce and quite early, circa 1890s, James and David Kinnell, Smooth Face Hickory Shaft Golf Club made in Scotland. Although smooth face golf clubs fell out of fashion by the very early 1900s, they were still offered in catalogues for a number of years beyond this date.

This smooth face club is stamped on the back "PRESTWICK KK CLUBS". The leather grip is in good condition, and the straight hickory shaft sports a nice aged patina.

Measures 35 inches from heel to top of shaft and is probably a MASHIE although it is not marked as such. There are various small leading edge dings and examples of wear commensurate with this club's 130+ years of age and use.


The Kinnell brothers both served as golf professional and clubmaker at St Nicholas Golf Club . James was their pro from 1897 until 1901 and his brother David served between 1902 and 1936.